Chris Jones & Associates, LLC

Chris Jones & Associates, LLC

Clinical Supervision

Supervision for LMSW and LGPC Professionals

Social Workers

We offer clinical supervision to growing professionals looking to develop their clinical knowledge, acquire new therapeutic intervention skills, and improve client outcomes. The Maryland Board of Social Work Examiners (BSWE) approved us to supervise LMSW social workers towards LCSW-C licensure. The board instructs us to provide you with clinical supervision in assessment, formulating a diagnostic impression, providing psychotherapy, and treating mental disorders and other conditions. We believe in building a clinical foundation from the person-in-environment perspective. We also teach that the foundation of psychotherapy is in a robust working rapport and relationship. Our supervision sessions also incorporate ethics and cultural competence training to meet the board's social work professional standards.

Professional Counselors

In addition to supervision for social workers, we also offer clinical supervision to professionals licensed with their LGPC. We can supervise you in the assessment and diagnosis, theories and paradigms of psychotherapy, and working competently with persons who differ from us. The Maryland Board of Professional Counselors and Therapists (BOPC) has approved us as a non-LCPC approved supervisor. According to Maryland law, an LGPC professional seeking clinical supervision may receive half of their supervision towards their LCPC with a clinical supervisor who is a clinical social worker by discipline (LCSW-C).