Chris Jones & Associates, LLC

Chris Jones & Associates, LLC


Types of Therapy

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy focuses on the whole person. Our client perspective allows us to tailor therapy to the individual, depending on your needs. This perspective involves considering the physical environment of the person, including your home, school, work, and community. Individual therapy focuses on helping you to adapt to stressors and works with you as the individual to meet the goals that you set in therapy.

Family Therapy

Family therapy involves you and one or more family members in a session with the therapist. The goal of family therapy is to help improve family dynamics, improve interactions between family members, and work through common family conflicts. Family therapy is ideal for people who want to get along better with household members, to communicate better with relatives, or to improve relationships amongst the generations. Family therapy can also be explored with your adolescent or teenager to discuss your concerns about behavior, choices, or relationships.

Couples Therapy

Couples therapy can improve the dynamics of your relationship and provide a neutral perspective on common relationship issues. Couples therapy can address concerns including finances, sex and intimacy, family involvement, step-parenting and step-children, residence decisions, and more. Please note that psychotherapy is not an appropriate forum for discussing placement and custody decisions, as this poses an ethical dilemma for the therapist. Other professionals can specifically help you in cases of placement, custody, and related matters.

Group Therapy

Group therapy is where one or multiple therapists work with a group of individuals on a mutually agreed-upon topic. Group therapy can be used to focus on improving peer relationships, decreasing social conflict, teaching coping skills, and more.